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Leekong Xiong

Leekong Xiong was born and raised in Laos where he was influenced by his father listening to traditional Hmong music and Laotion music. He found Hmong lyrics to be beautiful as it describes nature and the longing of loved ones. Leekong did not believe he had the voice to sing and focused his time on pursuing an educational degree.  When he was in college, he fell on hard times. His friends suggested that he should sing in order to make ends meet.  And, the Leekong Xiong we know and love was born. 

For over a decade, Leekong sang numerous hit songs that are loved by the Hmong community.  Known for his wit to fit traditional Hmong lyrics into catchy beats, Leekong is naturally gifted and brings joy to his community. He has toured Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and France. This year, Leekong Xiong is finally setting foot in America. But not for long; for only 6 weeks.  So get ready and don't miss out on his "Dance Like Leekong Xiong" USA Tour! 

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